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Changing Space specialise in furniture package solutions for Landlords,rental properties,showhomes, student accommodation, housing associations, owner occupiers, investors and developers. 

We offer off the shelf furniture packs as well as a completely free bespoke design service tailored to exacting requirements. Whatever the furnishing problem, Changing Space has a solution.

We are constantly updating our web site and product range, if you cannot see what you are looking for on the site please give one of our sales team a call on 0845 226 0663 to discuss your requirements as we will be always be able to help. 

We hold a large stock of furnishings, however, if the item you order is out of stock we will upgrade that item free of charge with an alternative product that is in stock.

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Changing Space is a market leading furnishing solutions provider. We offer a portfolio of furnishing services including furniture packages, Landlord Furniture, showhomes, flooring & window dressings throughout the UK. Our furniture package solutions are specifically tailored to meet the growing needs of the property industry.

Our aim is simple, to supply stylish and cost effective furnishings to suit a range of tastes and budgets without compromising on quality.

Whatever your furnishing requirement, we will find a solution that is not only pleasing to the eye, but kind to the pocket too!

Changing Space - Furniture Packages.

Furniture Packages – Helping Landlords Furnish Rooms Easily.

Landlords have many furniture packages at their disposal, these packs range in variety to fit any size space from small rooms to large suites. There are many benefits to purchasing landlord furniture packs, such as appealing to tenants needing to temporarily relocate or who wish to go an extended vacation. In many cases, these tenants will not be able to ship their furniture, making furniture packages the ideal solution.

When shopping for furniture packs, you must first decide what type of package is needed. There are two main choices – standard furniture packs or complete landlord furniture packs.

Standard Furniture Packs.

Standard furniture packs include basic pieces of furniture, such as lamps, beds, chairs and other furnishings, in several different colours and styles. Those who choose standard furniture packages will enjoy selecting accent pieces and accessories that compliment their rental property. The majority of furniture packs come in neutral yet versatile colour choices that make decorating easy.

Complete Landlord Furniture Packs.

There are also complete landlord furniture packs that landlords can buy to furnish their rental property. These furniture packages not only come with pieces included in standard furniture packs but also extra conveniences and comfort items such as towels, bed linens, cookware, dishes, cutlery and even televisions. Complete landlord furniture packs allow new tenants to immediately enjoy their house as soon as they take possession of it. Depending on the furniture packages available, there may even be electronics, washing machines, dryers and vacuum cleaners in some landlord furniture packs. In addition, many furniture packages retailers will deliver, install and arrange all electronics and furniture, leaving little work for the landlord who purchases furniture packages.

Prices of Furniture Packages.

Furniture packs will greatly vary in terms of price, many can be purchased via furniture packages dealers who offer online ordering. Large landlord furniture packs often offer commonly overlooked home necessities like mops, brooms, dustpans, toasters, coffee makers and coat hangers. Of course, prices of furniture packages directly correlate with the amount of items in the packs.

The Benefit.

Regardless of whether you are preparing a home to show to prospective tenants or turning the house into a rental property, it is easy to make the house attractive and comfortable with landlord furniture packs.Rental properties that have furniture packages will appeal to wider tenant base and allow the landlord to lease their property fast.

Spice up your Bedroom.

If buying a new house isn't stressful enough, furnishing it can be a much more arduous process. Curtains, rugs, lamps, furniture, at times it seems the decisions are never-ending. Once a decision is made, it affects all of the other decisions that come after it. One simple and relatively economic solution to this problem is to purchase bedroom furniture packs.

Buying a new home is exciting and also extremely expensive. Once the deposit is paid and the papers are signed, the expenses just continue to pile up. Many furniture stores attempt to make things easier for the customer by offering furniture packages. This is an affordable solution that cuts down on the cost and the headache of furnishing a home, sometimes saving customers hundreds of pounds. By using furniture packs to furnish each of the bedrooms in a home, people are able to save money to perhaps splurge a little more on the furniture in their main living area, where guests who are hosted will primarily be spending their time.

Not only does purchasing bedroom furniture packs help costs, but it also cuts down on the number of decisions you have to make while furnishing your home. A furniture package allows you to know with one hundred percent confidence that you are purchasing pieces of furniture that are an exact match. Another option is to purchase different size furniture packs, whether three piece or seven piece depending on the room, in the same finish. This will allow for a certain flow throughout your home since the furniture in each bedroom goes together.

Furniture Packs.

Purchasing furniture for homes, flats, hotels, and show homes is rarely easy. First, you need to choose a style. Then you have to find furniture to fit that style. Sofas, loveseats, chairs, tables, electronics; they all need to work together to form a cohesive design. One out-of-place piece can decimate the whole home design. Getting everything to match takes time and money. That is where furniture packages come in.

A furniture package is all the items you need for a particular room. For example, a living room furniture package might contain a sofa, loveseat, armchair, ottoman, side tables, lamp tables, coffee table, entertainment centre, lamps, and a TV. A bedroom package typically contains a bed with headboard, chest of drawers, bedside tables and lamps. Each piece is part of set that uses the same design and colours throughout to give a complete and complimentary feel. Furniture packs areavailable for all types of property including apartments, hotels and houses and are used to furnish living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and family rooms.

There is another advantage to furniture packs besides consistency: time. By purchasing an entire roomful of furniture designed to go together, you can save time and money. Putting a room or a whole household together piecemeal often involves stopping at one store for the sofa, chair, and loveseat, another for tables and entertainment centre, yet another store for lamps, and a fourth for electronics. By purchasing an all-inclusive furniture package, all your shopping is done at one place.

One concern for many buyers is that the quality in a furniture package is not as high.However Furniture packs provide the same high quality as purchasing individual pieces - sometimes even higher quality, making furniture packages great value for money. They can also be purchased in volume making them a wise choice for the hotel owner or landlord who has many rooms to furnish.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to furnish a household, or a landlord or business looking to furnish multiple units consistently, furniture packages may be the perfect solution.

Three Distinct Advantages of usines Furniture Packages

Furniture packs may at first seem a little impersonal. However the more you think about them, the more you realise the practicality of buying furniture in bulk. While “in bulk” typically brings to mind images of gigantic packages of toilet paper and multipacks of fizzy drinks, the same concept applies here – buying larger amounts of something and receiving lower prices because of it. Buying furniture packs can be a very flexible, economical and fast way to purchase all the furniture you need in a short amount of time.

Furniture packages are typically purchased by those with little time or desire to spend picking out the perfect individual pieces of furniture. Holiday rentals, investment properties, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, show homes; the situations and kinds of people who purchase furniture packs are wide ranging. They all recognize the three main advantages of furniture packs– consistent style, speed, and value.

By purchasing a furniture package, you are able to get furniture that matches well and looks great together because it is designed to. While options exist to mix-and-match furniture if that is desired, the main advantage of buying furniture packs is the customer can easily furnish a room or an entire house in a style that looks good and matches the style they are looking for.

Subsequently, instead of spending lots of time wandering around furniture stores trying to find the perfect bedroom set to go with the perfect living room set, everything is laid out for the furniture package customer. In fact, one never needs to leave their home. It can all be accomplished on the internet. Landlords save time and get tenants into their properties much faster, ultimately saving money.

Although there are typically several levels to choose from when purchasing furniture packs, they will typically be cheaper than going to a furniture store directly. Buying furniture in bulk gives the customer the advantage of lower prices. Shopping around on the internet allows you to search for the best deals and find the best match of style, price and design much faster and easier than if they were shopping in various retail outlets.

Furniture packs offer some distinct advantages, specifically getting great looking furniture quickly and easily for a discount price. For a person or business looking to furnish a space quickly and efficiently they are a fantastic and flexible choice.

Why Furniture Packs are Perfect for Landlords.

As a landlord, a vacant property is not simply a matter of foregoing the income from the rent. You must still continue to pay for insurance and property taxes. You may need to keep the utilities connected for showings or to protect pipes in colder climates. These ongoing expenses, when not offset by rental income, can quickly mount. Therefore, you naturally want to let the property as quickly as possible. This is where furniture packs can help.

Whether you need to furnish a one room studio flat or a five bedroom villa, you can choose the style and price range perfect for the property. You need not spend hours browsing furniture stores, selecting the proper chairs for the table you have chosen. Instead, you can choose an ensemble that is already coordinated, ready to be delivered and installed. This means that you can have the furniture in place quickly, making it easier to get tenants moved in and making rent payments.

You can also tailor furniture packs to the needs of tenants who just need the flat or house partially furnished. Furniture packs allow you to meet all of these needs, plus many more situations.
Staging the property with furniture and décor makes for a better showing. If you have multiple flats that you normally offer unfurnished, you might consider using furniture packs in one to offer a model flat. If potential tenants express interest in a furnished flat, you will be able to show them what they will receive and quote them the additional rent for the service.

In addition to allowing you to install tenants more quickly, furniture packs can save you time. No doubt you have far more lucrative activities that should be commanding your attention than choosing furniture or hanging wall art in your rental property. Furniture packs allow you to focus on what is truly important, which is making money from your real estate investment.

Landlord Furniture.

There are many different types of furniture and furniture products on the market today.  They vary greatly in terms of cost, durability, aesthetics and style and always have a huge impact on how a property looks and how it is lived in.  

One sector of the furniture market that has a wide variation is landlord furniture.  Landlords and buy to let investors purchase anything from run down studio apartments in up and coming areas to penthouses in the most prestigious locations and most investment properties require some degree of furniture. 

It is very important for a property investor to buy furniture that is durable, stylish and suitable for the property in questions, however, most importantly is that it has to have all of these qualities and be cost effective.  Based on the value of the property and the rental income, the property investor will ascertain a budget to spend on ‘landlord furniture’ and will then justify the cost by writing it off over x amount of years based on the positive cash flow that the property will be generating once let out.

Companies such as Changing Space specialise in supplying landlord furniture to property investors and offer a stress free, cost effective way of furnishing one to multiple properties.  Companies that specialise in landlord furniture have access to a wide range of styles.  It is very important to install the correct furnishings into an investment property as it will usually be going onto the open market for rental and as a result has to enhance the property and entice prospective tenants. 
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